Landscape, Dancing People and Spiritual Art


I love landscape and tried drawing and painting it, but always felt vaguely dissatisfied with the results.  Soon after learning the basics of the batik process, I tried depicting some trees and rocks and realized that I had found my way of expressing the joy I find in the natural world around me. 
Most of my work is inspired by the lakes, trees, flowers, and granite rock in this small part of the Canadian Shield.

Dancing People

I began making pictures of dancing figures many years ago in response to a Kingston-wide exhibit entitled “Interconnected Art.” The “interconnected” figures were inspired by memories of round dancing as a primary school student, and as I experimented with new shapes, colours, and themes, the “Dancing People” batiks came to express many kinds of celebration and human togetherness. I make them to order in a wide variety of sizes, and price ranges, so contact me if you are interested.

Spiritual Themes

Along with my nature art, I have for many years worked on batiks that explore spiritual themes, mainly from a traditional Christian viewpoint, but sometimes incorporating ideas and images from other faiths.

From 2000 to 2004, I completed a Master of Christian Studies at Regent College in Vancouver. I did an arts thesis project, the main component of which was a series of batik wall hangings incorporating appliqué and hand quilting techniques. The works explored the Tree of Life theme,and were exhibited in the Lookout Gallery at Regent College.

My work has been included in the Christian Seasons Calendar published by University Hill United Church in Vancouver, and on the covers of a series of devotional pamphlets from the Open Church Foundation.