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The Process
Batik art is created with an ancient wax and dye process originating in the Far East. I use a variety of natural fabrics, primarily cotton, but including hemp, silk, wool, linen, and blends thereof. I melt my wax in an electric frying pan, and apply it to the cloth with a traditional Indonesian tjanting tool or with a variety of brushes. After each stage of wax application, colour is added by dipping the fabric in cold-water dye, or by brushing the dye on the stretched cloth with a different set of brushes. Each colour application must dry before more wax is applied. The sequence is repeated until the final step, which involves wrinkling the waxed cloth and dipping it in a final dark dye bath. The piece is again left to dry, and then I use a hot iron to melt the wax and reveal the completed artwork.

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